Melissa Jay
Melissa Jay
Kind and caring but she can kick some butt.
Nickname Melly, Mel
Role minor
Race human/zbnormality
Age 15
Gender female
Voice Type calm, light
Professional Status
Affiliation the Good
Skills she can turn invisible and has the ability to walk through objects.
Personal Status
Status alive
Relatives unnamed mother (deceased), unnamed father
Likes girly things, laughing and having things her way
Dislikes grumpy, mean people, bugs and not having the attention on her
Animation Debut unknown
Voice Actor(s)
English Emily Axon



She is very peaceful, kind and caring but she can kick some butt. Her personality is cute and girly. She likes to help people as much as possible and she is very loyal. She's often happy and hyper. Melissa can be childish and whiny when it comes to unimportant things.


Her mother died during childbirth. She lived with her dad ever since then. Her dad doesn't like talking about her mother because it would cause him great pain. During the years Melissa has grown, he was always upset but didn't do anything mean or violent towards her. Melissa was often a sad girl but she tries to cover up her sadness by smiling or acting happy. She didn't really have anyone to talk to except for her dad but he was always busy with his job, trying to raise her. And since he was always in a bad mood or was never really happy because of the death of his wife, he never really spent any time with her. If Melissa was lucky, she would see him laugh. Their relationship isn't as close as other fathers and daughters but they both knew that they love each other and that they're just going through a rough time. Ever since the tragedy of her mother's death, she's became more helpful towards her dad and other people. Eventually he found out that she was an abnormality, and kicked her out onto the streets.