Angie Anderson
Angie Anderson
Helps the kids and or adults with their powers.
Role minor
Race human
Age 37
Gender female
Voice Type medium, medium-high
Professional Status
Affiliation the Good
Skills researches about abnormalities
Personal Status
Status alive
Relatives Edd Anderson (husband)
Jared Anderson (step-grandfather)
Likes learning about abnormalities, kids, music, cooking, history
Dislikes Edd getting upset, people hurt
Animation Debut Chapter 1: Frozen
Voice Actor(s)
English firestar1st
ritticules (understudy)



Kind, loving, intelligent, funny, fun, helpful.


She met Edd at a museum when she was 19, and they clicked right there. They started hanging out and talking to each other more often. Eventually the two started to go out, and they went out for 6 years. Within those 6 years, Edd confessed about his powers, and she accepted him for who he was. A year later they would get married. When Edd learned about his grandfather’s past and learned that there were more people like him. He told his beloved wife, and they made an agreement. They agreed that they would try to help them as much as they can since Edd believed that there was something or someone looking for them.


  • Angie is going to die at the end of season 1.